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Our programs are built for the long run. We don’t put bandaids on salesforces, we develop a curative approach to best leverage your teams’ sales skills.

You’ll attract more qualified prospects and close more deals. Our programs will show you how to gain predictable returns of your training investment.

  • Increase sales in a territory by 10%
  • Close one more new customer every month for one year
  • Close an out-of-state customer in two visits instead of six

Our Covering All Bases Approach™ allows you to see your ROTI (Return of Training Investment) and provides measurable, predictable, sustainable improvements in performance.

“I have been through professional training with IBM, Apple, Metropolitan Life and Tony Robbins, but I have never had such a thorough, professional and comprehensive learning experience.... Anita deserves a huge round of applause, "Yea, Coach!" for designing, orchestrating and delivering such a powerful training program. The company is to be commended for having the insight to bring in a professional training organization like ANSIR International.” — Regional Manager, Insight Imaging Systems, Inc.

Your success is our success

Some of our client’s have used our strategies for more than a decade. When you truly partner with a company and build foundational yet agile programs based on solid, real world research, the resulting strategies have extremely long shelf lives.

The process is simple:

  • We listen to you and become embedded in your company/goals
  • We create solutions based on customer insights and your feedback
  • We’re at your side throughout implementation/rollout

And work with you to measure and modify to meet any changes in the marketplace.

Our Case Stories show actual client challenges, solutions and results.

ANSIR Client One:

A large dental manufacturer specializing in oral physiotherapy devices (toothbrushes) with 86% market share wanted to boost customer enrollment in its automatic ordering program. They wanted a consultative sales approach that integrated its products as solutions to specific customer needs.

ANSIR Solution:

We revised their go-to-market strategy based on our external customer needs/wants analysis and replaced a transactional sales approach with a consultative a sales methodology integrating our research findings/feedback.


50 percent more enrollments in the automatic order program followed by a full rollout, doubling the average sale per presentation in 9 months. After 3 years of exceeding internal goals, the company generating incremental sales of $30 M. ANSIR’s consultative sales model continues to be taught to every member of the sales organization 12 years later. STORY #2 >>

ANSIR Client Two:

A leading medical distributor of health supplies and equipment to schools asked us to assist them in obtaining a greater share of each school’s supply purchases and deploy a sales development program for its sales and customer service team.

ANSIR Solution:

We delivered a series of introductory, in person and web based training programs to reinforce implementation requirements and provide a success feedback forum. After completing a customer analysis, we created and deployed a development plan targeted to strengthen consistency of customer interactions and better equip reps to deliver custom solutions based on their customer’s growth/needs.


Today, 95% of the top 500 school districts and largest universities in the United States buy from our client. The average sales volume and percentage of total purchases made by customers increased by 12 percent within 18 months, without any significant system or organizational changes. STORY #3 >>

ANSIR Client Three:

A dental materials manufacturer asked for our help to secure approval for provider status to issue continuing education units from the Academy of General Dentistry and American Dental Association’s. Client marketing and sales executives intend to use education as a value added service to its current and prospective customers.

ANSIR Solution:

We worked with members of the client’s marketing team to create the necessary documentation required by each organization and submitted the applications.


Within six months, the client obtained approval for Provider status for both organizations. Our client was awarded a full previsionary term of three years. Less than 10% of first time applicants receive this level of approval. Today, continuing education credits are issued on all qualifying programs as a value added benefit of attending the programs sponsored by this manufacturer. STORY #4 >>

ANSIR Client Four

A newly emerging manufacturer of dental specialty devices needed to improve sales at trade shows. Despite various changes in approach, the company was unsuccessful attracting buyers into their booth and struggled closing selling sales unless steep discounts were applied.

ANSIR Solution:

Embedding ourselves as part of their team, we observed traffic patterns and interactions with booth visitors at several trade shows to understand the specific challenges we faced. We then designed a trade show flow plan featuring a clinical theatre where potential buyers could see the product demonstrated. Booth personnel were trained to implement a more customer centric approach to engage booth visitors.


Our client increased its trade show sales by 125% at the every trade show where the theatre was used during the first two years. Sales during regional and smaller trade shows improved by 58 percent. The featured presentation compelled customers from the trade show aisles into the booth. In addition, sales reps learned to engage visitors in conversations that educated potential buyers to the benefits of doing business with this firm. STORY #5 >>

ANSIR Client Five:

A division of a large medical manufacturer was operated with a sales team primarily utilizing a limited sales model. The company relied upon 18 highly technical inside sales representatives, but employed no outside representatives and did not offer internet-enabled self-service capabilities. Our client asked us to help them grow beyond this sales model with transactional sales tools expecting to expand its market penetration.

ANSIR Solution:

We worked with the client to revise its go-to-market strategy by taking a fresh look at their customer’s needs. We assisted the company in replacing industry-based segmentation with a needs-based segmentation that better reflected latent demand for both transactional and consultative sales models.

The client reduced the number of inside sales representatives from 18 to 6. An outside sales team was created of 10 representatives assigned in major markets. Their duties include handling pre-sale activities for high value-added customers and the most complex products.
The company further strengthened its transactional capability with an internet site that providing services including repeat order taking, billing, and customer service or technical support inquiries.


As a result of these changes, our client increased its earnings before taxes by almost 30 percent over 2 years. STORY #6 >>

ANSIR Client Six:

A mid-sized medical manufacturer wanted to boost the effectiveness of its cross-selling programs. Distributor representatives were resistant to sell or support second-tiered products despite various spiff programs. Client executives asked for a tactical plan that would get results in 3 to 6 months.

ANSIR Solution:

We worked with our client to understand customer segment groups and historic preferences. Our team developed customer profiles based on a custom qualification process rooted in end-user product preferences, resulting in a prioritized list of cross-sell opportunities.

We then developed support tools for the dedicated sales team, tailored to the cross-sell efforts for each product type. Materials included a sales template to use when making calls, strategies for successful customer conversations, and a tracking system to record contact rates, and other metrics of value to our client.


The purchase of second-tier products increased by 48 percent within the first six months. And reorder sales of target products jumped by 20 percent. The manufacturer gained bottom-line impact during the fiscal year in which the program was launched, with no significant systems or organizational changes.

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