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Our programs are built for the long run. We don’t put bandaids on salesforces, we develop a curative approach to best leverage your teams’ sales skills.

You’ll attract more qualified prospects and close more deals. Our programs will show you how to gain predictable returns of your training investment.

  • Increase sales in a territory by 10%
  • Close one more new customer every month for one year
  • Close an out-of-state customer in two visits instead of six

Our Covering All Bases Approach™ allows you to see your ROTI (Return of Training Investment) and provides measurable, predictable, sustainable improvements in performance.

“I have been through professional training with IBM, Apple, Metropolitan Life and Tony Robbins, but I have never had such a thorough, professional and comprehensive learning experience.... Anita deserves a huge round of applause, "Yea, Coach!" for designing, orchestrating and delivering such a powerful training program. The company is to be commended for having the insight to bring in a professional training organization like ANSIR International.” — Regional Manager, Insight Imaging Systems, Inc.

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We are drowning in information but starved for knowledge.”
— John Naisbitt

Knowledgeable, helpful and available topic experts are hard to find! Anita Sirianni, The Professional Sales Coach, knows it because she has done it. With over 20 years of experience as a top sales producer --people want to hear her secrets to success! Today, Anita works with corporations and sales teams throughout the world to improve their performance and their profitability.

Contact Anita if you need topic help on:

  • Selling
  • Sales Management
  • Skills Assessment
  • Training
  • Distance Learning
  • Coaching
  • Consulting

Anita's direct approach will deliver the practical advice and proven ideas only an experienced professional can deliver.

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