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Our programs are built for the long run. We don’t put bandaids on salesforces, we develop a curative approach to best leverage your teams’ sales skills.

You’ll attract more qualified prospects and close more deals. Our programs will show you how to gain predictable returns of your training investment.

  • Increase sales in a territory by 10%
  • Close one more new customer every month for one year
  • Close an out-of-state customer in two visits instead of six

Our Covering All Bases Approach™ allows you to see your ROTI (Return of Training Investment) and provides measurable, predictable, sustainable improvements in performance.

“I have been through professional training with IBM, Apple, Metropolitan Life and Tony Robbins, but I have never had such a thorough, professional and comprehensive learning experience.... Anita deserves a huge round of applause, "Yea, Coach!" for designing, orchestrating and delivering such a powerful training program. The company is to be commended for having the insight to bring in a professional training organization like ANSIR International.” — Regional Manager, Insight Imaging Systems, Inc.

ANSIR Programs work together to build a comprehensive sales development process proven to improve performance. Individually, they can be used to strengthen particular sales skills, target specific selling situations, or create step-up learning opportunities.

Sales Acceleration

The bottom line as a sales manager... increase sales.
You may ask yourself

  • What causes customers to do business with some reps and not others?
  • What does it take to get a yes in today’s economy?
  • What if your reps knew exactly why their customers are not buying?

Find the answers in our five, 90 min. webinars.
After nearly three decades of success in the healthcare industry, we have identified five events that have a critical impact on sales. Events which contain extraordinary seeds of opportunity uncultivated by the majority of reps. Our experience and research has proven reps who perform better at these events to be the big producers.

Sales AccelerationThe critical events are:

  • Co-Traveling
  • Face to Face Presentations
  • Trade Shows
  • Lunch & Learns
  • Sales Meetings

We invite your team to learn how to maximize these events by understanding their customers buying motives. Here’s what you’ll get:

Beyond custom training: Leave the guesswork behind
Your reps will get written feedback on how their customers want to buy... from their customers (doctors, dentists, dealers). We’ll take up to 10 names and distribute them on your behalf based on the territorial specific input you give us. In short, we’ll get into the heads of your most desired targets and give your salespeople the inside track to closing them.

The Next Step: Leveraging the feedback
We’ll use your specific customer feedback to create a fast track action plan for immediate results. You won’t have to tweak, adjust or improvise... just sell with confidence.

Webinars Save Time and Money
Give your reps more time to close sales by accessing each webinar from home or a hotel room and eliminating time consuming travel. Instead of your reps spending valuable time to accumulate this information, they’ll attend the webinars on Friday and get results on Monday!

Hear it directly from the source
Some of our interactive sessions feature interviews with healthcare professionals and top retail reps. Participants can ask the questions needed to get a clear picture of what customers expect from their accounts, allowing them to create a customized pitch that’s right on the money.

Register Today!

Register Online, Download the Registration Form, or Call us @ 800–471–2619

Scoreboards LogoEvery company wants proactive, self-motivated salespeople that have the talent to meet or exceed their objectives. SCOREBOARDS™ TALENT assessments is the one tool that accurately reveals how your current employees perform, and how new recruits will…before you make a decision to hire.

This dead-on, time tested program will answer the questions that save time and money:

  • What skills does this person have that we can utilize?
  • What skills does the position most require?
  • How do I best develop my existing staff?
  • How do I best motivate such a diverse group of people?
  • How can I build the most effective team possible?
  • How can I retain the people we have invested in and prevent costly turnover?
  • What strengths/challenges do I have and where can I grow?

SCOREBOARDSWithin a 94-97% accuracy, SCOREBOARDS™ will tell you if your employees and candidates can/will sell, what sales style they use, and what motivates them. Our in-depth profile pinpoints the Critical Success Factors you need to know to ensure peak performance.

Sign Up Online or Call us @ 800–471–2619 for your free Scoreboards Assessment. A $125 value. SCOREBOARDS™ will work for you.


Give your reps what they need the most...proven and practical strategies custom built for your team’s skill sets, sales goals, customer expectations and budget. Building a live interactive training program specific to your needs guarantees immediate implementation and the fastest possible return on your training investment.

This is a strictly customized program. The following list will give you an idea of some of the topics we have created - your program content is completely dependent upon your input and needs:

  • SUIT UP for Practice
    How to Deliver an Effective Sales Presentation
  • GET IN GEAR with Technology
    Using Technology in Communication
  • Staying on TARGET in Times of Change
    Positive Ways to Work With Change
  • Who's on FIRST?
    The Effective Use of Questioning
  • TACKLE The Front Line
    Getting Through the Gatekeeper
  • FLEX Your Attitude Muscle
    Five Ways to a Winning Attitude
  • Keep Your Eye on the BALL
    Tips to Effective Goal Setting
  • When the RED FLAG Goes Up
    Overcoming Objections


Web based, cost effective training programs.

When your budget dictates a lower cost, truly effective, trackable training program, this convenient solution allows you to give your team proven, time tested strategies without leaving the office.

The CyberCOACH measurement system provides you with post tests and Personal Action Plans for immediate supervisors to track participant commitment.

Topics for sales reps are competency based for selling while the management programs deal with specific topics or troubles sales managers deal with daily.

This program is a great, cost effective way sample the power of our training style. Although not as powerful as our live Sales Development Program—Championship Courses, it provides actionable, proven strategies that get results.

Team Talk

Keep your team in the loop when they’re out in the field.

Presented each quarter, this audio series offers representative's or distributor's convenient ongoing practical techniques, motivating sales ideas and current company news

Part One features company news and product information while Part Two features Anita Sirianni’s practical sales tips and techniques. This creative format increases retention, reinforces company values and strengthens sales performance.


  • Product Use, Technique, or Instruction
  • Sales Dilemmas and How to Handle
  • Share New Sales Goals or Contest
  • Launch New Product
  • Competitive Updates and Sales Tactics
  • Acknowledge Sales Success
  • Update, Inform, & Motivate Distributor Sales Reps
  • Current Research Findings on Product
  • Detail New Marketing Program

SIDE TWO (The Sales Coach) Example:


  • Tag Team Selling: Working with Distributors
  • Leads for the Big Leagues


  • Time Management for Sales MVP's
  • Olympic Organizational Skills
  • Grand Slam Territory & Account Planning
  • Super Sales Force Automation
  • Championship Customer Service
  • Superstar Sales Plans


  • Questions that Create Customers
  • Effective Listening
  • Tackle the Technical Sale
  • Presentations for Peak Performance
  • Touchdown Telephone Techniques
  • Consultative Selling
  • Closing with Class


  • Out Pace Price by Selling Value
  • Negotiation Tactics for Winning Results

Team Talk™ provides an efficient, ongoing skill development program for sales professionals, while delivering a powerful marketing method and value-added service of communication, motivation and education.

Coaching leads to improvements in performance and reaching goals/targets. It allows a fuller use of your talents and potential.

Only a knowledgeable outside/in perspective can offer you the self-awareness needed to maximize the specific skills you already have and seek out and find those you lack. Whatever you seek to improve, coaching clarifies objectives and introduces specific solutions aimed at increasing profits.

Bottom line, Ansir’s coaching sessions will help you achieve the results you desire. They’ll create a new momentum and consistency resulting in a more effective sales performance.

Ask us about:

  • Private one-on-one consults
  • Full one hour sessions
  • SCOREBOARDS™ Skills Assessments
  • Pre-Session Activities and Exercises
  • Follow-up Game Plans
  • Progress and Results Tracking

The information on the RX Skill Development Courses provides an outstanding resource for both coaching and individual personal development. Couple these downloadable audio programs with the extensive insights provided by SCOREBOARDS Talent Assessments and you have a total systems approach to help your people achieve their greatest potential.

Each of the unique Rx Skill Development Courses includes a downloadable audio instruction and Application Guide. Users listen to targeted coaching pointers repeatedly while following along with the manual and completing exercises that go along with each topic.

An integral ingredient of a successful “personal development system,” our courses provide the special benefits of:

  • Pinpoint accurate targeted personal development program
  • Drives user to recognize new areas of development
  • Gives the assessment lasting and meaningful depth for user and coach
  • User more likely to improve areas of weakness - gives tools to implement changes that the assessment points out
  • Increased productivity and development for the user
  • The “How To” exercises on each Rx course allow:
  • Users to take a planned and systematic approach to improving performance in a specific area
  • Users to have the ability to stay on task by referring to a specific point of reference
  • Lasting change in attitudes and behaviors
  • Management to be able to hold people accountable for development

Send us an email or give us a call to preview our course library.

Our dynamic audio tape programs immediately impact your sales results and confidence. SPORT SHORTS™ provide real world, creative approaches to selling or managing your sales force.

The 20-minute audio programs include practical, easy-to-implement sales techniques that you can learn while driving to appointments and use as soon as you step out of the car.

Order them now on our Products page.

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Our Executive Exchange is a free webinar series that offers practical solutions to address the struggles faced by Sales Managers of medical and dental companies.

Sales Acceleration
Executive Exchange
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