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The more you train, the more deals you’ll close

Companies that train with us sell more... period. Why? Because we don’t believe in a quick seminar introducing you to a multitude of sales tools and going on our merry way. If we do that, your salespeople will be excited for a few minutes, see new possibilities, then quickly slip into the “business as usual” mode of yesterday. And we need you to succeed for us to succeed.

To achieve mutual success, we don’t depend on motivation as our primary tool. Yes, you have to motivate and instill passion, but the best way to motivate a team is to provide them with them real-world proven and tested tools giving them genuine opportunities to succeed... and follow up so that they can follow through.

We all want to achieve measurable results that drive profits up... to find quality prospects, quicken our sales cycles and raise the level of our close ratios. To do that, you need to hire the right people, teach them specific tactics, and engage them in sales strategies designed for your company.

At Ansir International we start by asking the right questions and listening. We invest ourselves in knowing your company... your skill strengths, performance expectations and sales goals. We find out why people buy from your competitors and what’s the best approach to getting them to buy from you. Then, we use our consumer and competitor insights to build a detailed sales program built on your strengths and targeting your expectations and goals. Together, we’ll then use our measuring tools to evaluate results, track progress, and dynamically react quickly to tweak the needle in the right direction. Our ongoing reinforcement programs will continue to drive business results long after we’re gone.

Listen to our customers

Partial Client List

Anita Sirianni, The Professional Sales Coach, has made MVP’s of sales reps for manufacturers, distributors, industry leaders, entrepreneurial start-ups and companies that sell both to end users and wholesalers. Take a look at what a few clients have to say about The Coach:

  • Dentsply International
  • Orion Diagnostica
  • Primerica Financial Services
  • American Economic Development
  • New Image Industries
  • Brasseler USA
  • Sullivan-Schein Dental
  • The MATSCO Companies
  • Henry Schein, Inc.
  • BISCO Dental Products
  • The Relaxation Center
  • Network Architects
  • Schick Technologies
  • Clemson University
  • Supreme Roofing Systems
  • Choice Health Leasing
  • Dental EZ Company
  • SheerVision Optical
  • Dental Manufacturers Association
  • Daisy Mountain Real Estat
  • Oral-B Laboratories
  • Island Dental Supply
  • The Farmers Group of Companies
  • United States Army: Europe
  • Professional Fitness Alliance
  • The Bosworth Company
  • Ney Dental International
  • BENCO Dental Company
  • Septodont Inc.
  • TriCore Laboratories
  • Tulsa Dental Products
  • Southern Dental Industries
  • DENTSPLY: Trubyte Division
  • School Health Corporation
  • Insight Imaging Systems, Inc.
  • Isolite Systems, Inc.
  • Adolfson & Peterson Construction
  • NK Architects
  • Island Dental Supply

Listen To Our Clients

SCOREBOARDS are a vital part of our hiring process - I wouldn’t consider a candidate until we have seen the results of these reports!

I have been to other sales trainings with other companies, but [Anita] by far was the best.

Since [Anita’s] first meeting with us, our end-user sales have increased by 25%. It is dramatic

Since Anita’s first meeting with us our end user sales have increased by 25% — Doreen Drew, National Sales Manager Orion Diagnostica

For the last four classes the sales results for the first three months in the field have been growing by at least 15% in each successive class. I think the results are speaking for themselves. —
Pat Judge, Vice President Sales, Insight Imaging Systems, Inc.

“Anita did an outstanding job, as usual! The program was well organized, the information was pertinent and the presentation fun. I have been to other sales trainings with other companies, but this by far was the best.” Sales Representative, Insight Imaging Systems, Inc.

“She was full of energy and got us pumped up!” — Telesales Representative, BISCO Dental Products


Our programs are built for the long run. We don’t put bandaids on salesforces, we develop a curative approach to best leverage your teams’ sales skills.

You’ll attract more qualified prospects and close more deals. Our programs will show you how to gain predictable returns of your training investment.

  • Increase sales in a territory by 10%
  • Close one more new customer every month for one year
  • Close an out-of-state customer in two visits instead of six

Our Covering All Bases Approach™ allows you to see your ROTI (Return of Training Investment) and provides measurable, predictable, sustainable improvements in performance.

Anita SirianniAnita Sirianni, President of Ansir International, has made MVP’s of sales reps for manufacturers, distributors, industry leaders, entrepreneurial start-ups and companies that sell both to end users and wholesalers.
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